8 Best Text Editors for Linux desktop

Coding skills are essential to every developer to aid in the flawless web building process, online, and software development. To write engaging articles, writers leverage on free tools and follow due procedures. In the same way, coding goes beyond the mere writing of codes, and it requires some more effort, commitment, and lots of hard work. Before now, developers had to go through the arduous process of looking up every detail while coding. But not anymore, all thanks to text editing for Linux. Developers can code freely better without stressing about perfection.

Text editors for Linux desktop offer functionality that makes the work of coding easier and better. Among the variety of option in the market, we are going to consider the best options that will help them to build fascinating apps.


It was released by Adobe in 2014 with some unique features that help to simplify coding and a recent version called the Brackets 1.12. This Linux text editor was explicitly made for web designers and front end developers with live preview, inline editing and focused visuals. It was developed from the basics and based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also has additional features such as files navigation. Brackets is a powerful open source text editor with several configurations that makes real coding fun. Although it’s lightweight, it outstanding functionality far outweighs others similar software available to developers. More info at  brackets.io 

Sublime Text

This is considered as a favorite Linux editor to many developers. It’s a rich text editor with so many features to the user while supporting several markups and programming language. A good way to extend its functionality is by applying plugins that are under free software licenses. With the “goto anything” feature, developers can search the Sublime database for lines, symbols, and files. Other interesting features of the amazing Linux text editor is the project based preferences, Python-based API plugin, and simultaneous editing option. The software function as the perfect development environment due to the many plugins available for users. More info at  Sublime Text


This one of the electron-based Linux text editors on the market. It was launched by GitHub and popularly referred to as the 21st-century text editor. It’s fully hackable, and its original features include auto package manager, cross-platform editing, multiple pane support, file system browser, replace and find functionality.  Just like in other industries such as in sports education where there have been tremendous efforts to meet up with international demands, the tech world has been up to date employing both online and offline tactics in meeting up to the challenges ahead of it, especially in the areas of web design and software development. And one of the major propagators of such advancement is the Atom text editor for programmers. More info at  atom.io


Are you tired of the default editor in Linux and want a more advanced option for your plagiarism check routine? VIM is the perfect text checker, and it has a lot of options for you. The developers added all these options to make it a powerful text checker. It has highly configurable options. What’s more, it can stand as a single GUI application or a command line utility. More info at  vim.org


This is an in-built text editor that is designed as a default Linux text editor for the GNOME desktop environment. It has a fabulous user interface with straightforward functionality, and it’s fully applicable to internationalized text. It’s lightweight and highly functional modules are the reasons why it’s still among the best Linux editors to date. More info at  gnome Gedit


This could be your favorite editor as it’s one of the oldest on the market with unique functionality. Little wonder why it is popular among Linux fans and developers globally. It was developed and founded by Richard Stallman. You can extend its functionality using Turing programming language. It’s a free editor that comes with the needed documentation and support system. It also has an array of extensions such as the debugger, news, and mail.. More info at  GNU EMACS

Visual Studio Code

It comes with an array of options that programmers can leverage on to get their job done right on time. It’s an open source text editing software, and its VS code performance outweigh that of other software even if it is lightweight. All the features of this amazing software are fully compatible with debuggers and commands. It has the latest 2019 version, which is the VS Code 1.32. A powerful tool for develops to code without hassles. More info at code.visualstudio.com


This is just like the Pico text editor, and it was released in June 2000 for the Unix based operating systems. It was designed to meet the needs of Linux enthusiasts and anyone with the habit of experimenting with files. It has a case sensitive function, auto support configuration, auto indentation, tab completion, and searches function. These are some of the outstanding qualities that make it extremely different from other Linux text editors available. More info at  GNU nano

This guide will be useful to programmers, website developer,  plagiarism check websites to ensure writers create unique and error free articles and anyone interested in coding . Are you thinking of the best way to get your programming basics right for 2019? Then these tools are guaranteed to help you code faster and better.


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