Best Programming Languages to Study at College

Are you looking for a definitive guide that will help you choose the right programming language in your career path in 2019? This is it. To be very clear, this is an article on “top hottest languages” that will throw several buzzwords and names. Instead, this piece will get an objective and practical review of the current tendencies, state and safe predictions that will guide your career in 2019.
Most of the information here, you will appreciate, is based on facts, statistics and trusted sources over two weeks of in-depth research. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on which programming languages are breaking through the market in 2019. It also allows you to choose a niche that is worth the effort and time to master and understand. It will go a long way in helping you start a successful and profitable career as a software developer.

To make an informed decision, here are some of the things you have to look for, so you are sure of the career path you are taking:

  • High salary
  • Popularity – ensure there are a ton of job openings and varieties
  • A tendency to still be in demand in future
  • Easy to work with and learn

This list also includes four lesser-known languages that have rapidly gained popularity and that are expected to increase in demand from 2019. Without further ado, here is the list of best programming language to learn:


According to an annual survey by StackOverflow, this is probably the best coding language to learn today. It is a dominant language that has also grown over the past decade, to a great extent. You can see from the numerous devices that are JavaScript enabled today. And students can post articles about new JS ideas, or write blogs. With all this in mind, it is clear that it offers opportunities in 2019 and beyond.

With this knowledge, one can feed into many front-end frameworks like React, Backbone, Angular, and Ember where JavaScript is at the back end to provide high efficiency. It is perfect for people who want to see immediate results since you can use it to make interactive web components. It can also be comfortably paired with CSS and HTML. Statistics show that there is a steady increase in its popularity over the past five years.


This may be a relatively new language since it was released in 2014. However, it is becoming more common in MacOS applications and iOS. It is an excellent improvement in performance and usability compared to C – that was used previously. It is becoming more and more favored by developers. It is currently listed 4th among the most loved languages. It is perfect for anyone who wants to dive into mobile development. There is a high potential for high-paid career paths. Over the past five years, swift tendencies have stepped up.


This is a general-purpose language that is everywhere today from desktop apps, web applications, media tools, and machine learning. It is also used by big organizations like Google and NASA. It is good because it is readable, neat and well structures. It requires proper indentation and determines the code execution although it also helps beautify it. Python-based web developments frameworks like flasks and Django result in gaining popularity. This language is heavily equipped with quality machine learning and other data analysis libraries. It is an excellent language for beginners to learn because it is easy to learn and is a high-level language. Its tendency over the past five years is impressive.


Over 90% of all codes written today use this language. It has a popular slogan, “write once, run anywhere.” It is a powerful Java Virtual Machine that makes it more compatible with any website. If you choose Java, there are several career paths like backend developers, embedded system engineers, big data developers, or Android OS developers. There are numerous iOS because this is the trendiest language today and it will not go anywhere in the next decade. Although its popularity over the past few years has decreased due to competition.


This one is preferred because it is flexible and reliable. It was first created in 1985 and remains a vastly used language because of its reliability, performance and the variety of contexts it offers to users. It has had its ups and downs over the past five years, but it is a great language to consider.


This is amongst the most loved languages around. It is easy to use and friendly with programmers dubbing it “a programmer’s best friend.” It is a high-level language that allows coders to use a few lines of readable and clean codes. It certainly boosts productivity among programmers. It is great since the codes are written in simple English, so it is great for beginners. Over the past five years, its productivity has decreased.


This program is sponsored by Mozilla and is the second most liked by programmers. It started appearing in 2010 and became extremely marketable. It is memory-safe and delivers great performance. As far as salary is concerned, rest assured that with any career path you take, this language is amongst the best-paying ones. Its popularity over the past year has been increasing.


Elixir is a relatively new one that gained popularity as soon as it appeared in the market. It combines certain aspects of Ruby and those of Erlang. Today, most companies are looking for people knowledgeable in Elixir. People are mainly well paid according to a survey. Its popularity over the past five years has been increasing.


It stands for scalable language, and it is mainly an attempt to rewrite java and improve on its disadvantages. It has the reputation of being too complex especially for beginners. It, therefore, ranks in the high salary languages in the USA. Its popularity has been increasing over the past five years.


If you are asking, what programming language should I learn, this is it. R is used in data analysis, statistics and graphic representation. This is the number one choice for data scientists. Its popularity has been on a steady rise in the past five years.

What’s next?

After selecting the right programming languages for your career, you will enjoy a great job and good salary increase. Just choose the one you like, and you are ready to go!



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