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Beginners Guide To Podcasting Successfully

Do you want to be a part of the podcast industry and grow your channel? Then it is time for you to read through this beginner’s guide. It will allow you to create your channel successfully and also record good quality podcasts.

AI & Search Analytics: A Match Made in Heaven

For many, artificial intelligence (AI) is little more than an abstract concept — technology that’s happening in the background all around us. But organizations who’ve already deployed search-driven data analytics have experienced firsthand the tangible impact AI can make on an organization’s relationship to data.

There are a few reasons why the combination of AI and search analytics in business intelligence is a match made in heaven.

Biggest Cloud Security Threats when Moving to Cloud in 2019

Are you thinking to move your business to the cloud? Have you thought of the cyber risks attached to it during the cloud migration? Well, if the answer is yes, then take a look at this post where we will be discussing the vulnerabilities and threats associated with your business and how you can combat the same.

Why You Need to Involve Scrum in Your Startup

Organization and streamlining of the work processes are critically important for every company, including both startups and well-established firms. During the launch of a new business or throughout the developmental phase, the best thing to do is to create a strategy and follow it having a particular plan.

What Are The Main Obstacles to Digital Transformation In The Enterprises

Digital technologies have transformed products, services, and operations in both small and large enterprises. The digital transformation is seen as a tool to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in an organization and that is why business both large and small are actively trying to make their businesses more digital. This process, however, is not entirely smooth and businesses face a lot of challenges in their quest to digitize their operations. In this article, we discuss the digital transformation dilemmas that managers face. Most of these challenges are relevant across different organizational scenarios and understanding them is the first step in overseeing successful digital transformations among businesses.

What Is CRM Development Cost?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a program which helps run a business more smoothly and increase your customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a program which helps run a business more smoothly and increase your customer satisfaction. Due to automating regular processes, a company can have a constructive dialogue with its clients without any misunderstandings. How to use such a system and how much it will cost you? Keep reading this article to learn more.

Top 7 Website Performance Indicators You Should Monitor


Your website is the face of your enterprise in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, every day. No matter what people might have heard or thought about what you have to offer, once they reach your website everything can change in just a matter of seconds. What’s even more dangerous is that you won’t lose a single potential follower or customer, the chances are that the word of mouth will drive away around 10 people that will lose the interest in visiting your page simply because they’ve heard it’s slow, the features are not working properly, or even if the navigation is difficult.

6 Linux Alternatives to Help You Develop Apps Without Care

Even though you are a Linux neophyte, there is little doubt you must not have heard of Ubuntu. Launched back in 2004, Ubuntu started to make an easy to use Linux based operating system that was both hardware compliant, easy to use, and a real alternative to Windows. Although you might find plenty of linux-based distributions to build your mobile app, there is more to building apps then just depending on a linux-based operating system. In this blog, we’ve compiled a few best Linux alternatives which can ease your chances of building high-quality apps.

7 Best Apps to Check Internet Speed

Ever since the emergence of the internet in our lives, it has become an essential part of our daily routines. The speed of internet connection has elevated along with the quality and the journey from dial-up connections to cables, satellites, and now wireless 4G Wi-Fi connection.

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools for both Android and iOS

Nowadays, automation is required for each and every process to reduce the time required and so for mobile app testing. This will help to reduce human errors likely to happen during the testing process.
According to a study from Statista, there are 43% of people who don’t have access to the right tools for mobile app testing in 2018. Though there are a number of tools available to use, it’s quite difficult to select the best tool for customized requirements.