AI & Search Analytics: A Match Made in Heaven

For many, artificial intelligence (AI) is little more than an abstract concept — technology that’s happening in the background all around us. But organizations who’ve already deployed search-driven data analytics have experienced firsthand the tangible impact AI can make on an organization’s relationship to data.

There are a few reasons why the combination of AI and search analytics in business intelligence is a match made in heaven.

Biggest Cloud Security Threats when Moving to Cloud in 2019

Are you thinking to move your business to the cloud? Have you thought of the cyber risks attached to it during the cloud migration? Well, if the answer is yes, then take a look at this post where we will be discussing the vulnerabilities and threats associated with your business and how you can combat the same.

Why You Need to Involve Scrum in Your Startup

Organization and streamlining of the work processes are critically important for every company, including both startups and well-established firms. During the launch of a new business or throughout the developmental phase, the best thing to do is to create a strategy and follow it having a particular plan.

Best Practices for Test Automation Framework

The goal of the software development life cycle is to deliver a great user experience to the user. It not only includes the quality and usability test of the application, but it also checks the performance of the application. The process includes fluency and flexibility of various languages like python and many more. It is still a very strong and statically very effective process. Most of the developers skip the testing process to save their expenses, but it is very important for them to deliver a bug-free product.

What can you do to secure your data in the cloud?

Cloud storage is widely used by organisations because it increases productivity. However, fears are still present when it comes to trusting a third party with valuable data. The lack of visibility and control over this data is difficult to accept.

According to a recent research, a majority of SMBs are worried about their data not being safe in the cloud, but why? And what can IT teams do about it?

What Are The Main Obstacles to Digital Transformation In The Enterprises

Digital technologies have transformed products, services, and operations in both small and large enterprises. The digital transformation is seen as a tool to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in an organization and that is why business both large and small are actively trying to make their businesses more digital. This process, however, is not entirely smooth and businesses face a lot of challenges in their quest to digitize their operations. In this article, we discuss the digital transformation dilemmas that managers face. Most of these challenges are relevant across different organizational scenarios and understanding them is the first step in overseeing successful digital transformations among businesses.

What Is CRM Development Cost?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a program which helps run a business more smoothly and increase your customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a program which helps run a business more smoothly and increase your customer satisfaction. Due to automating regular processes, a company can have a constructive dialogue with its clients without any misunderstandings. How to use such a system and how much it will cost you? Keep reading this article to learn more.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux

Why do successful developers choose Linux for programming? Find out why Linus is an excellent platform for programming and automating things.

Learn How To Obfuscate JavaScript with Node.js

Obfuscation of your JavaScript code means that your code cannot be used in other places. This is a very useful technique for people that sell code. For instance, if you sell your code on Themeforest, your code can be copied easily from the browser which can be quite dangerous for you and you could lose the rights for your code. But with an obfuscator, it can still be copied but not read so easily from the person who copied it. It can be even worse with the minification. Here, we will show how you can perform the obfuscation with Node.js and you can use the JavaScript module.

Is Your Free VPN Putting Your Data at Risk?

Free VPN are stripped down versions of full-featured, more secure premium VPN services. Free VPNs should be used cautiously and with the knowledge that the service provider could be monitoring the users’ activity. Free VPNs can also put the user’s data at risk with advertising infected with malware.