Crontab Examples

Using crontab some times can get little confusing due to the field names, values, syntax, redirection. Learn crontab with different examples for each fields, you can use with minor modifications or create new ones based off these examples

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What does 2>&1 mean in shell ?

Linux and Unix shell redirections are very useful in command line and shell scripting to redirect and collect errors and outputs. Standard output and standard errors are used a lot but still there is lot of confusion about the meaning, actual execution and correct way to utilize it. learn about 2>&1 redirection with examples to use in your scripts and commands.

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iostat, vmstat, netstat – Performance Monitoring & Tuning in Unix & Linux

iostat, vmstat, netstat are the tools in Linux and Unix operating system which provides important system performance data relating to disk, memory network and cpu. By analyzing the data it is possible to determine the potential bottleneck which is impacting the system performance and take corrective action accordingly.

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