What is Load Balancer and How it works ?

Traffic load balancing is a networking technique used to distribute incoming network traffic or requests across multiple servers, resources, or network paths. The primary purpose of load balancing is to optimize resource utilization, improve reliability, and ensure high availability for services and applications. Load balancing is commonly used in various networking scenarios, including web servers, application servers, and content delivery networks (CDNs). Continue reading “What is Load Balancer and How it works ?”

python sort() or sorted()- which one to chose for your program ?

Sorting functions are essential tools for data manipulation and set of rules in computer programming languages like python.

Sorting is a essential operation  used to arrange information for  searching, presentation, and analysis.

A type sort function generally takes a set of parameters  which includes numbers, strings, or custom objects, and then arranges them in ascending or descending order depending on the parameters.

Here are the main variations between sort and taken care of functions in Python

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Terraform – 7 Essential Commands for Managing Infrastructure

Terraform is open-source infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool developed by HashiCorp. You can define, manage and automate your infrastructure resources as code using terraform. Terraform uses declarative statements which means that you define the desired final state of your infrastructure and Terraform takes care of provisioning and managing the resources to achieve that state. Continue reading “Terraform – 7 Essential Commands for Managing Infrastructure”