Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux

Why do successful developers choose Linux for programming? Find out why Linus is an excellent platform for programming and automating things.

Linux has always been one of the most used platforms by programmers and geeks. Although you can often see coders holding Apple laptops running Mac OS at tech conferences, Linux is still number one among those who enjoy writing flawless code. If you aren’t part of the Linux fan club yet, here are five reasons why you should use Linux for programming.

1. Free Ecosystem

The primary and pretty distinct advantage of Linux over the other OS is that it’s completely free. You won’t need to pay a single cent to download and install Linux on your computer or laptop.

Investing in good-quality paid products and tools motivates you to learn better. But, if you are starting your programming career or thinking about giving coding a try, Linux is the best platform to begin with. While Windows license costs you about 100$, you don’t need to empty your pockets for Linux, as well as free mobile phone tracker. The related applications and programs are also free.

2. Impressing Shell

As well as other Unix-based systems, Linux is known by its powerful terminal. It is straightforward and requires little knowledge to get started. In the comparison to Windows command line, the Linux terminal allows you to run lots of tools and commands and use the sophisticated software developed by programmers for other programmers.

For example, you can use Emacs and Vim inside of a terminal to automate your work. These two text editors are free, open-source options that can considerably help you to enhance your code. The source code of Linux OS and the proprietary apps is open source. So, you can modify and change the whole code of the program and customize it for your needs.

3. Customization

Linux is a synonym to customization. This operating system is open for your contribution, which makes it even more flexible and adaptable. Using Linux, you can dig to the core of every application or program you use and find out how it works. Linux allows you to experiment and create the most suitable environment for coding.

While the choice of Windows display themes isn’t very extensive, Linux gives its users an opportunity to change the graphical interface the way they like it. Your possibilities are endless with Linus, as most of the software compatible with this OS doesn’t require you to comply with an end-user license agreement. It provides another chance for curious coders to access the source code and learn how each software works from the inside.

4. No Specific Hardware Requirements 

Along with being an open-source and configurable platform, Linux doesn’t require a heavyweight computer to work on. The customization allows users to modify the environment for their specific device model. That’s why so many programmers who prefer trying different computers and laptops to code on, enjoy Linux.

Some avid coders even try and install Linux on old hardware to experiment. If you are one of them, you can download and install the lightweight Linux distributions to try out the optimal functionality of the OS.

5. Security

You may be surprised that the open-source environment is at the same time very secured. But it is true: Linux wouldn’t be the number one platform for programming if not for constant security examinations and checks. As a considerable amount of software is created on Linux, the main goal is to ensure and maintain a high level of safety for the developers and users.

There is a very small amount of malware developed for Linux, which makes Linux many times protected than Windows. Developers update Linux distros regularly ensuring flawless operation and eliminating malicious software.

The words ‘open-source’ and ‘free’ speak for themselves. Of course, other platforms provide their own opportunities, which can be beneficial for some coders. But, it’s impossible to deny that Linux is the most suitable environment for programming. With its customization, security and incredibly powerful terminal, Linux grants you with root access to help you fully control how your software operates. And that’s why you should consider switching to Linux if you haven’t done it yet!



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