The Most Popular Universities for Computer Programming Degrees

The most popular universities for computer programming degrees

One of the most pursued degree programs in the world is computer science (CS). Like in the united states, it is ranked 3rd in terms of students’ preference. The used parameters in ranking them are the quality of programs offered, a number of research programs conducted and published to the public, the prospects of graduates to secure jobs and finally, the amount committed to funding research projects.

Thus, if you are planning to join a certain college, it is good to check its CS ranking and also do a background check on its reputation as you might spend years pursuing a course which no one will be interested in.

The following are some of the best computer science schools that are popular in the world.

(1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This institution is commonly known as MIT. It is based in the United States of America and is known for its unparalleled training in computer science programs. It has been the world’s best as per the QS World University Rankings for the last six (6) years.

This fact makes it the topmost cherished university in the world. Its graduates do not stay for long without securing a job due to its good reputation in training information technology courses.

The college has a robust training curriculum for computer science and electrical engineering course under the Department of EECS. It commits a huge chunk of resources towards conducting researches and  assignment writing geared at developing artificial intelligence, studying climate changes and adaptations, finding a cure for cancer and HIV, as well as the development of poverty alleviation strategies.

(2) Carnegie Mellon University

This university is based in Pittsburgh and is popular for its information technology (IT) and science-related courses. In 2014 as per the News and World report, it topped the list of the best computer science colleges that offered language programming courses.

Its courses are offered at three levels; undergraduate, masters and at the Ph.D. Once students are through with the training, assignment writing and other research projects they can design programs and monitor them effectively.

Its researchers are credited for inventing robotics, smiley emoticons, and programming languages. About job prospects upon graduation, there are high prospects of securing a job due to its good reputation.

(3) Stanford University

Another institution that is reputed for its outstanding performance when it comes to training computer sciences. According to a US survey that was done in 2014 known as New and World report, this private research facility was ranked 3rd best after Carnegie Mellon college.

The college offers its programs both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Their main objective is to equip learners with the knowledge that would enable them to develop and understand mathematical computations assignments of computer programs.

Another thing that makes this institution popular is the fact that some of its graduates are co-founders of some multi-billion dollar investments such as the Mozilla Firefox, Netflix, YouTube, and Google.

(4) University of California

This public institution was established in 1868. It is commonly known as the University of California Berkeley (UCB) and is a key member of the American Universities’ Association. It is affiliated with other research institutes such as the Space Sciences Laboratory and Mathematical Sciences.

The college has so far produced ninety-nine (99) Nobel laureates, has scooped (23) Turing awards and fourteen (14) Pulitzer awards. Also, one of its faculty staff member Oppenheimer J.R. spearheaded a Manhattan radiation team in creating the world’s first ever known atomic bomb.

Currently, the university ranks 4th best in the world in computer programs. The computer science course is offered by the Department of Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) and is a combination of two courses the electrical engineering and computer science. It aims to introduce students to a dynamic interdisciplinary computer program.

(5) Harvard University

That is another university that is popular for its computer science programs. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is ranked 6th best in this category by the QS World University Rankings.

Having been founded in 1626, no doubt the facility is one of the oldest in the world. Actually it is the oldest in the United States. Harvard University just like other colleges that were built before the civil war period, it was established with a sole purpose of training clergy’s but later its curriculum metamorphosed into secular courses.

It is said to have some of the best library systems not only in the US but in the whole world. Due to its good reputation, its graduates are one of the most sought after by employers.

Its computer programs are geared towards the development of computational theories, enhancing privacy and online security, development of artificial intelligence (AI), and computer imaging. Plans to expand its research facilities at Alston by 2020 are underway.

(6) Princeton University

Just like Harvard University, this is another prestigious institution based in the US. It opened its doors first in 1746 making it one of the oldest in the region. Besides its academic excellence, the college is also reputed for its buildings’ spectacular architectural design and in particular the Lewis library.

The university is ranked 8th by QS World University Rankings on its computer programs. Students here are trained to work independently. In fact, every student must work on a research project and hand it in for assessment.

It also boasts of a rare prominence having produced two US presidents; Woodrow Wilson and James Madison. Other high profile individuals who studied here are; Eric Schmidt-senior officer at Google Inc., Michelle Obama- former US first lady and Jimmy Stewart- a famed actor.

(7) ETH Zurich

This is another example of a popular university anyone thinking of pursuing a computer course can consider. It is commonly referred to as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and was established in 1855.

Its IT department was created in 1981 but has helped to put the name of this institution in the global map regarding computer science. Its programs cover a wide range of subjects such as; use of artificial intelligence, networking, computation theories, algorithms development, and software coding.

The university has close ties with established business entities such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Google, and Disney where they collaborate in research areas.

If you are wondering if you will be able to secure employment after completing your course, just look at its achievements and go through a list of prominent persons who studied here. More than twenty of its former students have so far received Laureates Nobel prizes, and one of those winners is Albert Einstein who is known for coining the relativity theory.

The above-listed institutions are some of the best CS colleges to pursue a computer science degree in. Some parameters used to determine this are factors such as prospects of getting a job after graduating, a number of researches conducted, amount committed for funding researches as well as the quality of programs offered. So, by joining any of the said institutions, you will have made a great stride towards achieving your dream.

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