Veritas Volume Manager – vxassist

vxassist utility in veritas volume manager is used to create volumes, add mirrors and logs to existing volumes, extend and shrink existing volumes, provides for the migration of data from a specified set of disks, and provides facilities for the on-line back up of existing volumes.
The default behavior of vxassist is to create volumes in the rootdg diskgroup if diskgroup is not specified . The default length is taken as number of blocks but this can be specified in Kilobytes or Megabytes or Gigabytes. Continue reading “Veritas Volume Manager – vxassist”

Veritas Volume Manager – vxdiskadm

Veritas Volume Manager is used to manage disk storage spread over an array of disks.

The main features of volume manager are following
1. Allows creation of logical volumes spanning over multiple disks. This overcomes the physical limit of the disk .
2. Provides high availability storage solutions through RAID ,Mirroring of disks .
3. Provides fail over features by providing transferable disk group ownership between systems.
4. Dynamic reconfiguration of disk storage in an online system state. what is veritas volume manager .

The following article describes the volume manager objects and configuration of these objects using a text menu based utility called vxdiskadm . Continue reading “Veritas Volume Manager – vxdiskadm”