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Solaris Jumpstart – Howto guide

Solaris Jumpstart – howto guide
Setup and configuration of jumpstart server & clients .
Jumpstart offers a way to install Solaris using network over multiple server with similar of different configurations.
Here is a step by Step howto guide to install Solaris over network.

Solaris Installation

Solaris installation poses a challenges to the new Solaris sysadmins who have never done the installation of Solaris before . Though the installation itself is simple and straight forward but doing it the first time comes with its own anxiety associated with unexplored and unknown things .

Booting Problems & Solutions in Solaris

Booting problems poses serious challenge to the system administrators as system is down and no one can use it . This article tries to cover some of the general booting problems and their possible solutions to enable understand the problem cause and bring the system up very quickly.

Following are some of the booting issues ,error messages their meaning and possible solutions discussed in this article.

Managing Sun OpenBoot Parameters and commands

Learn to access, display and set sun openboot parameters on a Sun servers and workstation for input output port , boot , security , diagnostics & more.