Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools for both Android and iOS

Nowadays, automation is required for each and every process to reduce the time required and so for mobile app testing. This will help to reduce human errors likely to happen during the testing process.
According to a study from Statista, there are 43% of people who don’t have access to the right tools for mobile app testing in 2018. Though there are a number of tools available to use, it’s quite difficult to select the best tool for customized requirements.

A team of mobile app developers and Quality assurance has tested different tools, and here is the list of 10 Mobile App Testing Tools for both Android and iOS.

#1 Experitest

Experitest is one of the best mobile app testing platforms. It allows you to create and execute hundreds of automated and manual tests parallel in the cloud. It also enables you to create Appium tests directly from your IDE. Experitest covers mobile performance testing and functional testing all at once and allows you to run your existing mobile automated test cases with different networks and different conditions.

It also provides a free trial version for 3 hours a month. Try it before you pay.

#2 Squish By FrogLogic

Squish by FrogLogic is automated GUI testing tool for all kinds of cross-platform desktops, mobile apps and web apps. Its unique feature allows you to run tests on mobile device emulators and different devices without making any changes. You don’t require to root your device to run tests, in fact, you can start with automated GUI testing of your mobile apps.


Support for all GUI technologies

  • Can record your test script
  • Testing in the Cloud
  • IoT testing
  • Full control via command line tool

#3 Kobiton

This testing tool gives full control of real mobile devices to users for manual testing with support for multi-touch gestures, GPS simulations and camera and speaker control. Kobiton tracks all the actions carried out during a testing session so you can identify and resolve the issue more quickly. Prepaid testing minutes can be purchased for $10.

Kobiton has latest real, cloud-based devices with configurations. You can try this tool with free trial without giving details of a credit card.

#4 Bitbar

Bitbar is a cloud-based mobile app testing tool, the fastest way to test your application in the real world. With unlimited device concurrency feature, Bitbar allows you to create automated tests on any number of mobile devices at the same time which speeds up your test efficiency.

For manual testing, you can control devices remotely to create the real-world user experience. It also supports native test automation framework including all popular languages like Python, Ruby and more.

If you have a team to work on mobile testing, it will cost you for $390 per month.


KMX provides different pre-defined network platforms including 3G, 4G, low-earth orbit satellite and more. So you can test your mobile app or device under terrible network conditions. You can choose from 22+ pre-defined network scenarios and start mobile app testing immediately. It allows you to route packets through basic & advanced impairment parameters including packet drop, delay, jitter, duplication, corruption & rate limiting.

#6 Appium Studio for Eclipse & IntellJ

Appium Studio is a free platform that improves Appium testing. It allows to perform end-to-end Appium test automation directly within Eclipse so you can easily develop, automate, debug and analyze your tests on real devices and browsers.

It has a powerful object identification and management feature that identifies objects by their native and web properties.

#7 Calabash (Android and iOS)

Calabash is the free open source mobile app testing tool which is developed and maintained by Xamarin. It is a cross-platform which supports native apps in Android and iOS. Xamarin test cloud feature allows you to test your app on over 1,000 devices in the cloud automatically.

Calabash also supports Cucumber, that lets you express the behavior of the app using natural language. So non-technical person can also understand.

#8 TestComplete Mobile – SmartBear (Android and iOS)

TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool that allows you to create, maintain and execute function tests. You can increase test coverage with their artificial intelligent assistant to detect and test each application.

With its accurate customisable object repository, you can create complex and scalable automated UI tests within a moment with a record and reply features. The platform provides flexibility to do testing on both – scripting or scriptless testing.

#9 Robotium for Android

Robotium is a free Android UI testing tool. With the use of Robotium, you can create automatic black box test cases. You don’t need to add more information about the structure of Android application or implemented classes, all you need to add is the main class and path that links to it. All tests are written in Java and there is a library for unit tests.

Powerful test cases can be created with minimum knowledge and handled multiple activities automatically. One can run test cases even on pre-installed applications. It also allows you to synchronize with Ant or Maven for integration.

It is a time-taking consuming process as one has to work with source code to automate tests.

#10 Selendroid

Selendroid is a test automation framework that runs the UI of Android native, hybrid applications (apps) and the mobile web. It can be used on emulators as well as on real devices and it is compatible with JSON wire protocol. There is no difference in concept for automation for native or hybrid apps. Selendroid supports hot-plugging of hardware devices.

There is also another built-in tool known as Selenium Inspector which allows you to inspect the current state of App’s UI.

All the above tools provide the best performance and have great features for Android and iOS application testing.

Author bio:

Pete McCain is a technology startup mentor associated with AppVelocity – Canada-based mobile app development company. He has collaborated with more than 50 entrepreneurs — over the last decade — to maximize growth and contribute to technical excellence.




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