Valuable Tips For Software Developers Applying To Jobs

Software developers are in massive demand these days. In the contemporary technological age so many companies in such a wide variety of industries need software developers meaning that, even if the work is pretty consistent, you ought to be able to find that you’re able to work in any sort of industry that you are interested in. However, though it is a career with a lot of opportunities available to you as someone with proficiency in the field, that isn’t to say that it is necessarily easy to get employed. As such it can be really useful to develop some insight into the process as someone looking for employment. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some tips for your applications

1. Realize The Numbers

Having spoken about the degree to which software developers are in demand, it should come as no surprise to you to know that the field is a competitive one in which basic qualifications and job search efforts might not cut it. For a single job there could potentially be hundreds of others who are going for the same role. As such, all of the technical elements to your application, mainly the compliance to what has been required of you by the company, has to be in order. These basic jobs are crucial when your application is one amongst many as any excuse to put a further application in the trash will be taken.

2. Prioritize Concrete Experience

Just like being in masonry or carpentry, software development is a hard skill. For a lot of people, mainly due to the technological and non-physical element to software development, it’s easy to fail to consider software development as a real trade, or practical skill. The end result of this is that, failing to show your experience, to give concrete proof of your ability to develop software, your application will suffer a fair bit.

3. Know Your Worth

There are two sides to this. Software developers in general, particularly young software developers, underestimate the value of their skills. Some of this, again, has to do with the nature of software development being something that you learn at your computer. But, to some companies, top level software development is worth millions. The other side to this is that you need to know when having a job that underpays you a little bit is better than not having a job at all. So, know what your worth but also know when it’s ok to let your services go a little cheaply in this crowded employee marketplace.

4. Networking

Networking is a complex issue and one which most people really have a hard time with. Even the people who seem like they’re all about networking likely struggle with it beneath the surface. Networking as a part of trying to find a job is fairly generic advice which is applicable, to at least some degree, to all industries. The reason it is so applicable in this instance is because software programing is so competitive and so many people have capable profiles. So, having a personal connection with a potential employer could give you that edge that you need to put your name to the top of the list.

5. Prepare For An Interview

Unlike a department like sales or something like it, software programmers can much more easily make it through their lives without having to have as much face to face contact with anyone else. The nature of working through a computer can make the human side a much more challenging task. In most instances, if you impress through the early part of your application it’s quite likely that you will get invited to interview. Do the prep to make sure that you aren’t caught short when it comes to the in the flesh work that is necessary for finding employment that suits you.


So, you’ve got a really valuable and concrete skill. Software programing is a rich field with plenty of opportunity, but it takes more than simply putting yourself out there to get the employment that you want. Hopefully this list will give you the pointers you need to get yourself in the best possible position for success.

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