7 Best Apps to Check Internet Speed

Ever since the emergence of the internet in our lives, it has become an essential part of our daily routines. The speed of internet connection has elevated along with the quality and the journey from dial-up connections to cables, satellites, and now wireless 4G Wi-Fi connection.

By the end of 2019, we will have 5G around, with the internet speeds up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be smarter, faster and way too efficient than 4G. From 2G being the fastest internet we had a decade ago to 5G approaching in a few months, promising mobile data speeds that far exceed our fastest home broadband network.

Every internet provider on the market claims to be the most reliable, fastest and exceptionally stable downloading and uploading speed, but do we even verify their information? Today, we have countless speed testing meters online, but we do not really cross check if the internet provider is giving us the promised services or not. In this article, I will share a list of popular apps to check your internet speed.

1.    SpeedSmart Speed Test

If you want to check your internet speed on your smartphone, SpeedSmart Speed Test is the most popular app in the market, owing to its efficacy and following for verifying if you are getting the promised speed or not. This will help you identify the download and/or upload speed of your internet connection and the response time. SpeedSmart Speed Test App lets you monitor the complete records of the search results for analyzing the existing and former speeds. This App is available for iOS and Android users both.

2.    FAST

Another most popular internet speed in the market is FAST which is provided to us by Netflix. The idea behind creating an internet test app was to ensure that Netflix users are getting good speed s they can watch and enjoy the content on Netflix service without any hiccups. Besides the app, you can also see your desktop or laptop’s speed too by visiting their official website i.e. fast.com. Having a FAST app on your phone will not only let you know the upload and speed but latency, IP address, the current location of you plus the location of your server. FAST can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android phones.

3.    Meteor

Meteor is one of the most amazing applications for testing the speed provided by your internet connection. This app is devoted to determining the download speed and upload speed of the internet provider, so you can compare it with the one you are paying for. The best part about this app is, it won’t give you the maximum speed but the average speed is provided – the speed rate you get for a considerable amount of time. Meteor delivers the performance results based on both the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data internet through running a speed test on Twitter and Facebook.  You may also know the speed of streaming a video by this internet speed test.

4.    Ooka

Even though this app also does the same job – checking the downloading speed, uploading speed, but the most amazing part is that it allows you to verify and troubleshoot the advertised internet speed on your smartphone. Also, it maintains a record of all the generated results so that you are able to use that information for comparing with the current or earlier speed. This is how you can check if the latest speed has upgraded, in case you have filed a complained against discrepancies, if there is any.

5.    Internet Speed Meter

As the name of this Android App suggests, Internet Speed Meter is loved by most of the people who keep on running internet speed tests, and like to get more statistical information for comparisons or just staying updated. This App runs the internet speed check and shows you the updated and latest internet speed in the notification window of your phone. The good news is, it does not drain the battery of your phone. Internet Speed Meter by Dynamic Apps is available in free and paid version both for Android users – obviously, the paid version comes with additional features. This app is currently not available for iPhone users, however, it is expected to arrive soon.

6.    Speedtest Master

iPhone users who are looking for an internet speed testing app for their phones have Speedtest Master to their rescue. The most amazing feature of this app is that this iOS application functions with almost all the generations of the internet for checking the speed from 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL, to ADSL, and of course Wi-Fi. With one single tap, you will get the most accurate results generated. In order to collect the most precise results, this app tests the speed of your internet via hundreds of servers around the world. You can monitor the live charts showing the consistency of your internet connection, along with the download speed, upload speed, and the Ping time delay.

7. Network Analyzer App

This app comes as good news for all the iPhone users. It not only covers the internet speed test but it also checks its basic functions, monitors VPNs, gives information about current cell and Wi-Fi connection, LAN scanner with device name resolution, ping time along with with visual geo-location data DNS request, network speed test compared with different locations.

The bottom-line is

The aforementioned list of apps is based on the popular choice when it comes to determining internet speed – predominantly used and needed when the promised internet speed is lower than the provided speed. The apps mentioned above are for Android or/and iPhone users, so they can download any of these, and test their internet speed whenever and wherever they need to.

Besides that, there exist countless amazing internet speed checkers online, such as which.co.uk, testmy.net, SpeedOf.Me, to mention a few. Moreover, if you want more places, telecommunication provider’s websites, such as AT & T High-Speed Internet Speed Test, Cox Internet Speed Test, Xfinity Speed Test, Verizon Speed Test, etc.







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