The Top Security Breaches in History

Thanks to technology, most businesses these days are now able to process and manage data more
efficiently and effectively. However, as the internet and digital platforms become more of a necessity to process critical business information, the risk of being targeted for data breach also increases.

Trends show that over the past recent years, data breach incidents have become more frequent. What’s worse is that a recent research found that most companies are unprepared and do not have the necessary cyber security protocols and systems in place. Unknown to many businesses, a single data breach, regardless of how it was initiated, can result to severe financial damage caused by monetary fines levied by regulators and claims filed by business partners and clients. A business may also suffer legal complications that can ultimately damage its brand reputation and loss the trust of their customers.

From financial havoc to legal complications that could threaten any business of any scale, it is
extremely important for anyone to become aware of the implications of data breach. To learn more on the extent of damage that data breaches can inflict on your business, here are the top data security breaches in history , as featured in this infographic from TeleMessage.



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