Best Health Apps for iPhone in 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Your health determines the quality of your life. Though gym sessions play a significant role in ensuring you stay fit and healthy, the advancement of technology has made it possible to achieve your fitness goals, build your strength and improve your health from your phone. You can now use your smartphone as your health coach to prevent diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attacks. There are a plethora of apps available for you that are cost effective and can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, choosing the right app can be a dilemma.

Read on to know the 10 best health applications for iPhone that can help you stay healthy and fit:


1. MyFitnessPal

Apart from getting enough sleep and regular exercises, the other habit that maintains your well-being is a healthy balanced diet. But finding yourself piling on weight while you are doing your best to eat healthily is a cause to wonder where you are going wrong. ‘MyFitnessPal’ is a must-have app that allows you to keep count of your calories intake against your fitness goals. It offers you with a database of over 5 million foods, an inbuilt recipe feature and a barcode scanner thus helping you know which foods you should eat, what to avoid as well as the quantities to consume. Through this app, you can also track your exercises by incorporating features such as workout timers and step trackers.


2. Steroid Guide

Correct workouts are one way of improving your health. If you wish to increase your muscle mass and acquire a good shape, Steroid Guide is an app you should have on your iPhone. It provides your videos on different group of muscles by professional trainers and gives useful info concerning hormones and other mechanisms of our body work.


3. Headspace

Health is a state of overall well-being, both physically and mentally. The Headspace app helps you to keep track of your mental health by offering programs for meditation and mindfulness practices that help you gain peace of mind. It also offers other features such as guided breathing that assist you to deal with anxiety, reduce stress, increase focus and calm your mind in time of emergencies. This increases your confidence and self-awareness making it easier to get a better perspective of any situation.


4. Sworkit

This workout app is as effective as a real-life personal trainer. It has a customized program of different exercise practices that help you meet your fitness goals. The program can be in the form of daily exercise routines or a 6-week exercise schedule. Sworkit is very flexible, and depending on your daily schedule, you can make a simple custom workout such as a simple 5-minute stretch or a full day workout at you home on your day off.


5. Lose it!

This is another calorie counter app but is also good if you are aiming to track your food intake and fitness activities. It features a weight loss program that recommends to you the number of calories and exercises you need to take per day. To obtain better results, combine this app with other health and wellness applications, and trackers.


6. Nike Training Club

To achieve your health and fitness goals, Nike’s official app offers you 30-45 minutes of workouts and videos that explain step-by-step how to carry out each exercise. It offers you cardio, endurance, yoga and strength exercises. It gives access to beginner exercises, advanced workouts and celebrity inspired exercise programs. The app also enables you to share your achievements on social media.


7. Fitocracy

Are you a competitive person? You shouldn’t miss out on this app. It is a workout tracker application where you earn points in real life by completing various activities which keep you motivated. It also offers expert advice that encourages you when you lose inspiration. The Fitocracy community also inspires you to level up your exercises to rise through the ranks.


8. Aaptiv

This application allows you to experience high-intensity interval training that contributes immensely to weight loss, muscle building, and burning calories. It has an array of fitness exercises such as cycling, walking, running, yoga, etc. With this app, you can access 5000 and 10000 meters marathon training program that helps you prep for a race. Aaptiv can be an excellent substitute for a personal trainer.


9. iTriage

Do you want to get information about your health problems as you wait to see the doctor? This app makes it easy to describe your symptoms by displaying a human body image where you select the body part where your signs are appearing instead of writing manually. It then provides you with information about nearby doctors, health facilities, health conditions, drugs, the latest news on health, and emergency contact numbers. You can also save your health data online such as appointments, insurance, as well as your emergency numbers, by creating an account with iTriage.


10. Instant Heart Rate

You should not miss this application on your iPhone. It monitors your heart’s health by providing accurate heart rate measurements and graphs for your pulse waveforms. You can also check your fatigue levels and test your fitness. You can use it together with other apps such as Apple Health to obtain better results.



If you have chosen to adopt a healthy lifestyle, gaining self-discipline and motivation must follow. The above health applications are economical and will help you create a habit that is difficult to break hence improving both your physical and mental health. Set fitness goals and try to do your best to achieve them. Track and monitor your progress by using these apps for better results. They are easy to use and millions of people are already using them to stay healthy. Do not miss out on these best health apps that will motivate to lead a healthy lifestyle.




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