Best Practices for Test Automation Framework

The goal of the software development life cycle is to deliver a great user experience to the user. It not only includes the quality and usability test of the application, but it also checks the performance of the application. The process includes fluency and flexibility of various languages like python and many more. It is still a very strong and statically very effective process. Most of the developers skip the testing process to save their expenses, but it is very important for them to deliver a bug-free product.

The following are various best practices of the automation testing services, which will help you to take effective decisions regarding testing processes.

1. Multi-Paradigm Language

Automation testing processes provide the multi-language scripts. Some of the tools also support the graphical user interface, which means that people with zero coding knowledge can also use the testing tools to provide their user’s best experience. The advanced programming skills are also important because it will help the test engineers to implement the process completely. Automation testing tools allow the test engineers to use both the data attributes and behavior of the application. The combination of various features helps the test engineers to write the codes with a quite concise and elegant manner. The multi-language acceptance of scripts makes it possible to test a couple of tests to add more efficiency to the testing processes.

2. Opt for a comprehensive testing strategy and tool

You must not be dependent upon a single testing method that will stand in comparison to the other testing processes, which will help you in manual as well as automated testing processes. So, you need to make the best strategy to meet all the goals of the testing process. To make an effective plan or strategy, you must know what are the various requirements and goals of the business organization from the specified application. Then you must give time to select the testing tool.

A testing tool is the only thing which can help you to deliver the error-free applications to the end-user. The third and most important thing that is important while making the testing strategy is to figure out the scope of the testing process. Scope of the testing will tell the test engineer the various reasons and the extent of the testing process. The test plan, test data, test scripts, management of defects, responsibilities, test exit criteria, and management of the test results are also considered as the integral parts of the process.

3. Favor Early testing

The test engineers must perform the automation testing at the early stages of the development lifecycle. Most of the test engineers neglect the automation testing process because they feel that it is not important. And make the formality at the end of the software development life cycle by testing the application once. They also do not give importance to the error report generated by the testing process. This is considered as the very careless behavior of the test engineers.

It is advisable by the test engineers that the test engineers should perform the testing process with the completion of the design of the application. By this, they will be capable of identifying and correcting the bugs in advance. By doing the early testing processes, you will be able to reduce the testing cost and future testing hurdles. Also, when you test the prototype of the testing process, you will be able to deliver the complete and error-free application to the clients.

4. Make optimal use of test cases

With the proper use of test cases, the test engineers will be capable of enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the testing team. The test data is the most important for effective testing results. The reason behind this is the output of the testing process dependent upon the test data given by the test engineers. It is always advisable by the experts that testers or test engineers should use the reusable testing data to make the testing process possible. The reusable testing data is also recommended because it helps the other team members to understand the various artefacts of the testing process. If you keep the things in an organized way and also use optimized, reusable testing input data, then you will be able to reduce the testing efforts of the test team.

5. Empower developers

For effective testing, it would be preferred that the developers should be empowered to run their testing methods on the code they have written to build the application. This would help to enhance the quality of the software product in the market. In addition to the testing processes, they must use the modern approaches of testing like data-driven and key-driven testing to encourage themselves to write the better code provide the error-free applications to the test engineers to reduce the testing time and efforts. Agile also support the developers to test the code of the application. This is the reason why this is suggested that the organizations should make developer testing an integral part of the testing procedures.


Once you know all the best practices of the automation testing, you will be able to test the application with a full proof plan. The plan is very much important to start every process or project. If your plan is not healthy to do justice with the process, then you will never get what you want from it. Also, the capabilities of the test engineer and scripting language help the testers to generate the best results from the testing process. If the organization provides the opportunity to the developers also to run the testing processes at their level as well, then the quality of the application will reach the next level. But the test engineers should take care of the quality and the clarity of the input data. If the base of the process would not be clear and strong, then how the outcome of the process will be strong and clear. So, they should be careful while drafting the test cases.



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