python Syntax – How to use pyhton for beginners

Python is a powerful & versatile programming language that and has become one of the most used lanhuage now for data science, machine learning and automation.

Python has a simple syntax that makes it easy to learn and use for beginners and this short video gives a quick introduction to python syntax to give you a good understanding and be able to write basic programs in Python. Continue reading “python Syntax – How to use pyhton for beginners”

Simple way to install Python in Windows 10 & 11

Python Installation in Windows 

Programmers can use Python to create standalone programs or scripts and use python framework and  libraries to perform specific tasks such as data processing, statistical modeling, machine learning, and scientific computing. Here is a quick tutorial to install python in Windows to get started now.

Watch this quick video to install python in Windows 10 and 11.

Crontab Examples

Using crontab some times can get little confusing due to the field names, values, syntax, redirection. Learn crontab with different examples for each fields, you can use with minor modifications or create new ones based off these examples

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What does 2>&1 mean in shell ?

Linux and Unix shell redirections are very useful in command line and shell scripting to redirect and collect errors and outputs. Standard output and standard errors are used a lot but still there is lot of confusion about the meaning, actual execution and correct way to utilize it. learn about 2>&1 redirection with examples to use in your scripts and commands.

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