Running Old Internet Explorer Based Applications in ie10

Windows Xp support is stopping on April 8, 2014 and one of the issues is that when you migrate to current Windows operating systems ( windows 8 ) old ie browsers are not supported for installation. Current OS Windows 8 comes with ie 10 and older versions of ie are not supported.
The biggest problem is that many of corporate applications which are designed long back and no longer supported may still need older ie 7 , 8 or 9

If you are in this situation and trying to find a solution, here is little tip that can make your old apps run on ie 10 and newer version of windows like windows 8

This is an example from Windows 8 with ie 10 and enables ie to run in a compatibility mode of older browsers

  1. Open Internet Explorer Browser
  2. Press F12 key
  3. A new menu will appear in the bottom half of page
  4. Select Browser Mode
  5. Choose from ie 7 , ie 8 or ie 9

The Window above immediately changes to that browser mode and you can close the new by pressing F12

This is not inherited to all tables or browser windows , you have to select mode individually for them

This can also be used to test backward browser compatibility of your applications.

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