Strategy for Multiple Choice Certification Exams


  • Take the list of exam objective and study carefully its
  • Organize your study keeping these objectives in mind.

You may be knowing theoretical or practical much and is confident but
still you need to check up the objectives carefully so that you do not
miss anything in your study. This will narrow down your focus area to
individual topic or subtopic.

Study material
Once you know the topics look around you for the study material.
Generally the official web sites will have most of the
documentations and some commercially available books specifically
written for the purpose of exams are also available . But always try to
refer to two – three different sources as this gives a more
clear view of a topic and makes understanding clear.

How to study
We have been taking the exams since the school days and people have
developed their own style of study .some like to study in the day
time others in the night still others like a background music while
studying . Whatever may be your style stick to it but keep in mind
that in multiple choice questions you have to be exact and should be
able to differentiate between very similar answers.

You must have a peaceful place of study without any
distraction so that you can read between the lines . A distracted
study results in surfing the text – missing the key points.
Understand and visualize the process as whole – this will help
in addressing to practical problems in real environment as
well as some unsuspecting questions .
Note down important point – note down important point
while reading look for something which is not obvious and
different from the rest .
Try to recollect these point later – This will give an idea
of your preparation and helpful in revising later on .

In the exam
In multiple choice type questions there is one advantage
– answers are already there and one has to simply choose the
correct one but the problem is each answer looks
like correct one .So until your concepts are very clear it is
very likely that wrong answer is selected .But no one is
perfect so you will have to think a bit if you don’t
know the answer to a question . Since the answers are already there
you can start eliminating the incorrect answers by using your
knowledge and some logical thinking .

One common mistake is to select the first obvious looking answers
without checking the other options so always examine all the
options , think & choose the right answer .
It is always better to pass the questions ,of which your are not
sure, & come back there are few advantages for this

  • You avoid the tension and frustration of a suspected answer which could affect the rest of answers.
  • You are able to use the time thus saved to answer the questions you know
  • The solution may come to your mind till the time you come back again
  • The later part of the questions may contains some clues to the answers .

Time management in the exam
Generally the time is sufficient to answer all the questions but
if too much time is wasted on a few questions then it becomes
difficult . The best strategy would be to pass the difficult
question after carefully reading and attempt to them later.

Making it second time
If you can’t make it in first attempt – Prepare for the
second attempt , stay calm and focused . Don’t feel over confident
that it will be a piece of cake next time .If you can
recollect and write down the questions asked in the exam it will
help you in providing a focused area of study .

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