Android app development for E-Wallet solutions

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Wallet Factory specializes in Android app development and that is why our creators always implement the newest technologies and the most beneficial features in our mobile apps. Our solutions for Android software include exclusive features, such as a specific widget called mGift. This is a handy solution for businesses in different spheres to encourage their clients.

Companies in many fields can

Benefit from this feature:

  • Telecommunication
  • E-commerce
  • Finances and
  • Fuel retailing, etc.

Android soft allows executing this feature in a simple manner. Selecting a certificate and sending it to a customer almost takes no time, and the client receives an SMS on their phone or an e-mail. Another way is receiving it directly through our wallet application.

The website for Android apps dev presents a variety of tools, which are incorporated into our apps. Our developers
work to ensure the best protection of your personal data while using the mWallet.

The cost of
creating a personalized Android e-wallet app includes a number of the specification. Depending on
your demands, the complexity of future app, technical support and maintenance etc., we will develop
a perfect app for your business.

Comparing with iOS application development

The main goal of Wallet Factory is to create the best customer experience, which is why our company also specializes
in iPhone app development. We offer services for developing both Android and iOS retail wallet

Choosing an iOS app for your company will require understanding of your
demographic. Unlike e-wallets on Android, which are spread much more widely in Europe and Asia,
the iOS applications are suitable for the U.S.

In order to develop an app for iOS a different
programming language is required. This type of apps operates on Objective-C and Swift. Writing in
another programming language means having developers specializing on it, because it requires a
different approach.

Another difference concerns the visual aspect. Two different software
products need to have suitable interfaces created for them specifically. There are specific distinctions
in the physical characteristics of the devices themselves from those that run on Android. Lack or
placements of certain buttons and features influence the way apps look on both operating

As for contactless payments, iOS devices mostly rely on scanning QR codes, rather
than NFC technologies. Both methods are incorporated nowadays, but QR has been there for a
longer period of time.


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