How to Start a Developer Career

start developer career

The crisis is forcing many people to change jobs or even completely change the area. We have to learn new skills and professions. Developer jobs, in this regard, make a perfect solution. They are interesting, convenient and profitable. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to become a web developer and how to get a coding job at the first try.
Before you start, ask yourself, “Do you need programming at all?” This does not apply to those who study or studied programming or any other area that deals with it closely. If you preferred mathematics to humanities in school; if you spend a lot of time at the computer; if you want to learn something new, then programming is a great option.

Where to begin?

There are several scenarios that allow one to become a programmer. The first is programmer parents who have taught their children the basics, which makes it easier for the children to choose their future career. The second option which is really popular among students in Australia is to choose this trending profession after school and pursue their education at a university. Finally, you can try programming as a hobby and gradually turn it into a full-time job.

Find someone to help

The first thing you can do if you don’t have any special education is to look for a training programme (you may need more than one) or find someone who will work with you in person, like a coach. In reality, without a person who will give you the knowledge, it is quite difficult – you can spend a year over the books and never start. And with a knowledgeable person who can just talk about complicated things at your disposal, the whole process will go much faster and smoother.


If you graduate from school and want to be a programmer, then go to university. It can serve as a bonus when applying for a job. Although some knowledge you also get. But do not forget to engage in self-study. The choice of the university should be approached very responsibly. Carefully study the training programs and choose the best technical universities.

Programming courses

Programming courses will be a very good starting point. If you take good programming courses from practice, it will give you the opportunity in the shortest time possible to obtain the necessary set of skills sufficient to get started.

Also, the courses, if they are well organized, will give you an understanding of where to develop further.

Here are the advantages of specialized programming courses:

  1. the speed of obtaining the necessary information
  2. coverage of the entire required base for the start
  3. the presence of an experienced mentor-teacher who you can ask any question

It will take from 6 to 12 months to learn programming from scratch at best, while 6 months is if someone helps you. However, consistency is the key to success. You learn a lot more by practicing an hour a day than spending seven hours writing code on Saturdays.

You started the path to web development in Australia, so, now it is time to practice. This may seem difficult when you work full time or study. Especially if you study since there are a lot of essays and other papers to be done during the year. And essay writing in Australia, just like anywhere else in the world, takes a lot of time. That is why you can always look for a professional writing service to help you.EduBirdie will provide you with high-quality papers for you to go deeply into the topic of IT and web-developing. Moreover, they can help you compile the best resume for your future job.

If you have no experience yet, you still have to decide what is more interesting for you: backend or frontend development. Let’s look briefly at the difference.

The frontend is what the end user sees, with which they interact on the page. This is the whole design, visual effects, schemes, and images that form the user interface.

As a rule, creative programmers with excellent design skills and a passion for creating a user-friendly product become front-end developers. Technologies related to front-end development: HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

A backend is a part that interacts with stores and processes. This is the “filling” of the site or application. Backend developers, as a rule, are well able to solve assigned tasks, logically think and are interested in the internal work of sites and applications. Backend development is related to PHP, Python, and Ruby.

If you are ready to work as a programmer and are looking for a way to earn money – welcome to freelancing! Freelance websites will allow you to find simple orders (perhaps almost free at first) – to get practice. As a rule, work in an IT company can be more profitable if you are just looking for a job as a programmer.

And here is the final tip:

You need to prepare a resume. Not just a resume, but also a good resume. There is no need to include extra information, but it is also not necessary to keep silent about your skills. After you are invited to an interview, you must prepare for it. Walk through the material that is listed in your resume. You must be confident in your knowledge. Review the projects you have been working on, recall the technologies you used. And forward – to a brighter future with a new programmer profession.


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