Top 7 Technology Trends Organizations need to Explore in 2019

Technology plays a pivotal role today in every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, graphic designs to construction. It has invaded every sector, irrespective of business size, and that too for good reasons. Businesses worldwide are increasingly adopting various technologies for improved services/products.

The year 2019 may be more about laying preliminary work than historical innovations for the tech industry. Despite, the year is likely to be a busy and exciting one; since several innovative technologies have started finding their way into real, functional applications. The year will witness new use cases coming up as artificial intelligence (AI) creates new possibilities for monitoring, personalization, and marketing. Also, it will create new challenges such as how to regulate data and access.

While new technologies will continue to emerge, innovations around the application of existing technologies will transform organizations and the way they operate and how we interact with the world. The rapid surge in computer capacity, data capture and connectivity are speeding up this change.

Here are trends that will be big disruptors and continue to transform in 2019 and after in the era of digital evolution.

1. AI-Driven Evolution

Artificial Intelligence is all about machines having human-like capabilities include reading, seeing, speaking and even emotion-recognition. The AI-enabled device can do all while learning from inputs received from the user’s interactions.

Although the technology coined way back in 1956, it has started storming the IT industry post-2000s. Today, it’s transforming almost every industry, irrespective of the size. And, the trend will continue to surge in 2019 and the years to come.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning or ML is a subsidiary of AI. Machine learning enables computers to be programmed to learn and perform tasks. The machines learn by discovering patterns and insights from inputs/data.

While ML is a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning too has subsets — natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and neural network. Industries across the verticals are rapidly adopting all of its subsets in a bid to improved customer experience, return on investment (ROI), and to attain a competitive edge in business operations.

The market size of machine learning is predicted to touch USD 8.81 Billion mark by 2022 from USD 1.03 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 44.1 percent.

3. Blockchain

The blockchain is yet another technology which is spreading its wings to reshape industries by developing trust, offering transparency and smoothing processes across the business ecosystem drastically reducing costs, etc.

The blockchain is actually an append-only transaction ledger, which means new information can be written onto the ledger, but the data stored in blocks earlier cannot be edited, modified, or adjusted.  It’s achieved through cryptography to link the contents of the freshly attached block with each block before it in such a way that any change to the contents of a previous block in the chain would disapprove the information in all blocks after that.

As per a Forbes article, blockchain is a consensus-driven so that no one entity will be able to take over the control of the data

4. Augmented Analytics

Together with artificial intelligence, augmented analytics trend represents strides for Big Data. It has the potential to evolve the development, consumption, and sharing of data analysis harnessing the power of machine learning. If experts in the industry are to be believed, the ability of augmented analytics will be embraced by industries soon to work with data. Also, it will be applied to in-house business applications which are related to finance, sales, human resources, marketing, and customer care — aiming to maximize decisions by the use of deep data analysis

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is yet another term which has gained considerable attention of developers and CEOs over the current decade and seems it will further invade the tech world. It is a technology of the future.

Most things are being built having Wi-Fi connectivity, which means they can be connected to the Internet and each other.

However, IoT is in its infancy; it’s sure that opportunities will exist for people knowing technical know-how to connect platforms, along with the data analytics skills to harness the rich stream of information generated by IoT applications.

6. 5G Networks

5G is the next big thing in 2019. Spain’s National 5G Plan for the period 2018-20 set down that during 2019, 5G-based pilot projects will be evolved resulting in the release of the second digital dividend. The preparation has begun so that, in the year 2020, we’ll be able to browse the Internet on our smartphone at a blazing fast speed of 10 gigabytes/second.

As per the Statista, the reach of 5G mobile network by 2024 will be over 40% of the global population, approximately 1.5 Billion consumers

7.Digital Twins

A digital twin is all about the digital representation of a real-world entity or system.  It’s expected that by 2020, there will be over 20 billion connected sensors and endpoints, and digital twins might exist for potentially billions of things. Enterprises will give preference to implement digital twins before anything else, said Gartner — a global research and advisory firm.

Enterprises will evolve by enhancing their capability to gather and visualize the appropriate data/information, apply the right analytics and rules, and respond efficaciously to the business objectives.


All the technologies mentioned above will prove to be significant disruptors that continue to transform the tech-world in 2019 and year to come. Industries, irrespective of their verticals and business size, will be investing hugely in these technologies to keep abreast of the trend and stand ahead of the competition.

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