You’re More Likely To Fall Victim to a Cyberattack Than a Home Invasion

By the time most people start to notice that their data has been compromised, it’s too late. Modern hackers continue to develop savvier ways to steal your data, and most people have no clue how to defend themselves.

Yet you can learn how to prevent a cyber attack by studying the patterns from past scenarios. So, what are the trends hackers tend to follow?

90% of their motives arise out of financial reasons and espionage. Following this, hackers conduct their work for fun, grudges, or other miscellaneous reasons. As for the top industries that hackers target? The top three are healthcare organizations, accommodations and food services, and public administration. They make up 24%, 15%, and 14% of cyber attacks respectively.

The top data compromised data varieties isn’t just your payment information. It’s your personal data, at 36%. That means some hacker can be out there plotting their method to get their hands on your personal information, without your awareness.

And on a final note, just because you may not be part of a large business doesn’t guarantee you’re safe. 58% of 2017 victims were small businesses; this means that everyone is at risk.

For a full list of the statistics and trends you need to be aware of, study this handy infographic from Varonis. You’ll learn about the similar patterns hackers conduct and you’ll find out what you can do to guard against these rising trends.

hacker motives infographic

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Tips to guard against Hacking
hacker motives tips infographic

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